A Payment Card Widely Accepted

Unlock the Spending Power at Thousands of Merchants with your Prepaid Card today !

How does this Prepaid Card work?

This is your pre-paid debit card that is accepted throughout the world at ATM's, online, retailers, restaurants and more. The Card is all about giving you the convenience of cash with flexibility and security plus extra value added benefits you can count on.

Use the Card for personal or business purchasing, gift giving or to manage student or family memeber spending.

What else can the Card do?

The Card provides easy access to your funds through ATMs or countless merchants. Money can be deposited into the account by direct deposit, at a terminal in a retail location, through a person-to-person payment, and through our online services from another debit, credit card or bank account. Your money can be withdrawn at an ATM, used to pay bills, spent online or at one of your favorite retail or restaurant locations worldwide.

You will enjoy real time access to your card's financial information via mobile phone messages, customer service and have access to electronic statements online.

Where can I load my Prepaid card?

Direct Deposit your paycheck or government benefits check to your Prepaid Discover® Card and say goodbye to check cashing fees and waiting in lines. It's fast and easy and there is no additional charge. Simplyh follow the easy instructions included with your card. Load cash at more than 60,000 Green Dot® retail locations using the Green Dot® MoneyPak®. (Walmart, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Radio Shack) MoneyPak® is a fast and convenient way to add cash to your prepaid account. Just visit the Prepaid Product Section of a MoneyPak® retail location near you.

©2015 Green Dot Corporation. MoneyPak® is provided by Green Dot Corporation. Green Dot® and MoneyPak® are registered trademarks of Green Dot Corporation. * Please consult your Cardholder Agreement included with your card or at the website on the back of your card for details; other cardholder fees may apply.

How it Works?


Get funds loaded on to your card from your employer, bank or load cash from any GreenDot locations


Cardholders can use this card in any online merchant or location where Discover® , Pulse® or Diners ® are accepted!


Cardholder Worlwide Benefits

Surcharge Free ATMs

Access to over 22,000 Pulse Select Surcharge-FREE ATM.

Now you can eliminate ATM surcharge fees by using your card wherever you see the PULSE Select and/or MoneyPass logos. You can find our network of ATMs in Banks, Credit Unions, Convenience Stores, Grocery Stores, Restaurants & more in all 50 States Click here to find a pulse ATM

Health & Pharmacy

Membership to the Discount Pharmacy, Labs and Imaging Program.

Included with your Card is a free membership in the discount prescription drug program. The largest pharmacy network in the country with over 56,000 participating pharmacies. Just present your card to a participating pharmacy along with your prescription!


Purchase Discount Prepaid Cellular Phone PINs with your card for most operators


Direct Deposit your Paycheck into your Prepaid Card

Bills & Utility

Easily Pay your Bills online

Companion Cards

Order companion cards for family members and share funds and cardholder benefits while staying in control of your money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

What's a Prepaid Discover® Card?

Our Prepaid Cards are issued on Discover® Network and can be used wherever you see Discover®, Dinersclub® or Pulse® logos.

Where can I check my balance?

Please refer to the information listed on the back of your card or login to your account, view your balances and perform other card related functions.

How can I get a card?

Complete the easy application online and you will have your new card in just days or go to our site www.vistamoney.com email us at marketing (at) vistamoney (dot) com.

Is there a difference between prepaid cards issued by different financial institutions?

Each has different features and benefits, which are determined by the financial institution that offer it. You can see the many cardholder benefits listed on this site that makes this prepaid card the one to use.

How do I know if my card is part of Discover® Network?

Typically, cards that are accepted on Discover® Network will have the Discover® Network logo, either on the front or the back of the card.

I have a billing question or questions about my account. Who do I contact?

For questions related to your account, including billing questions, payment information, charge disputes, lost or stolen cards, rewards programs, and updating personal information, please call the number on the back of your card.

Where can I use my card?

You can use your card at millions of places around the globe through the Discover® Network and our network partnerships. It can also be used on Pulse® Networks. Please click here to see Pulse® ATM’s or Discover® ATM nearest to you.

What are the extended benefits on the card?

The extended benefits include Auto Rental Collision Waiver Coverage, Extended Product Warranty, Lost or Damaged Luggage, Insurance, Lowest Purchase Price Guarantee, Purchase Protection, Roadside Dispatch and Purchase Return Guarantee and more.